Friday, October 23, 2015

Son's Fight to Regain Guardianship of his Father Highlights State Issue With Little-Known System

Juan Oria always wanted to take care of his parents when they reached old age and couldn’t care for themselves.

“They were exceptional parents and what they did for me I said I would do for them,” he said about his parents.

But after his widowed 88-year-old father developed Alzheimer’s and dementia, he and his sister disagreed over who should care for him.

“We ended up in court where the guardianship program was assigned to be the ward for my dad,” said Oria, who works for a local cruise company.

Last October, the Guardianship Program of Dade County (GPDC), a non-profit agency that acts as the public guardian for indigent adults in Miami-Dade County, was appointed guardian of Oria’s father.

His case is among the thousands of guardianship cases filed in probate courts throughout the Sunshine State every year. As people age, many become incapable of managing their personal and financial affairs.  (Continue Reading)

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Mike said...

Family feuds lead to this nightmare.