Thursday, November 5, 2015

Death of fiancee ends in amazing love story, couple said guardian angel brought them together

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida - Justin Pounders is 33 years old and, like most young men, wants to find that perfect person.

"When I met Adrianne, I was like, 'Wow, this is who I'm supposed to meet,'" said Pounders.

And apparently -- marry, too.

He remembers clearly bringing a moving van to Adrianne Robert's Clearwater apartment in July of 2012.

His future fiancee planned to move out of the apartment and in with him.

Instead of her warm smile there to greet him, detectives and crime scene tape.

"How could this happen. This isn't real," said Pounders.

Robert, just 29 years old, decided to go out with her roommate one last time.

A man followed her home, assaulted and killed her.

Her killer was caught, but Pounders struggled to move on.

Despondent, he moved to Orlando. But his mother Debbie refused to give up hope, relying on faith and destiny.

"She would pray every night for me to find someone that would make me happy," said Pounders.

Nearly a year ago, those prayers came true. Justin decided to join and move back to Pinellas County.

"I feel so thankful that I did," said Pounders.

A profile immediately caught his eye -- A dark haired beauty, Amy Giberson. The 33-year-old felt exactly the same.

"I feel like the luckiest human being in the world,' said Giberson.

And one reason Pounders first reached out on match? He loved her name.

"I think I had a crush on a girl name Amy back in preschool," said Pounders.

His mother even took a photo of his first love.

And it turns out that connection remained, 30 years later, when these two preschool flames, Amy and Justin met at a restaurant for the first time.

Both are convinced this happy ending was set in motion by their guardian angel, Adrianne.

"Everybody knew that she would not want me to be saddened by myself forever," said Pounders.

Giberson said, "You don't find love, it finds you. It has to do with destiny," she said.

It's a twist of fate three decades in the making, and the couple plan to marry next November.

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Death of fiancee ends in amazing love story, couple said guardian angel brought them together

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