Monday, November 9, 2015

Preventing Financial Exploitation Presentation at ACC

Financial exploitation is a fast–growing form of abuse of older individuals and adults with disabilities.

In order to help raise awareness about this issue Alpena Community College Foundation Gift Planning Alliance Committee is holding a presentation on preventing financial exploitation of older individuals.

Elder abuse is an epidemic, a really big problem, that is under reported.

But on November 5th starting at 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. presenters will be at ACC in the Granum Theatre, talking about specific cases of elder abuse they've dealt with in Alpena, to help raise awareness of this issue and give ways to prevent it in the future.

Some presenters include Michigan State Police Trooper Ashley Simpson, Assistant Prosecutor Russell Rhynard, Lynne Budnik with Adult Protective Services and Financial Advisor Julie Ferguson.

Anyone can be the victim of financial exploitation and it's pervasive in every community and all economic levels.

Elder Law Attorney Kerry Rastigue said, "There's a large older adult population here. Rural communities, there's some advanced risk for rural communities because older adults do tend to be more isolated, their children tend to move away and to be here by themselves. Neighbors are not necessarily right close by, so things can be going on and you don't even know it."

If you're interested in attending this presentation to learn strategies on minimizing the chance of this happening to you, you can call 989–358–7359 to reserve a free seat.

(This is to advise what type of programs are being utilized.)

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Preventing Financial Exploitation Presentation at ACC

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I hope they also talk about the dangers of guardianship.