Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Request from Debbie Dahmer

Please take some time and read this 2015 Newsletter from FATE (Foundation on Aiding the Elderly), linked below.  It has some disturbing and shocking news for the elderly.

There is an article on my father, George Dahmer, (aka Pro Wrestler Chief White Owl): Wrongful Death and Injustice Punitive Damages that my mother is mandated (by a little-known Florida statute) to pay. 50% of punitive damages awarded to my Mother for the wrongful death of my Father have to be paid to improve the quality of care in nursing homes.

What a joke !! What kind of world do we live in? The nursing home was charged guilty on all counts of wrongful death in November 2012. The nursing home appealed the punitive damages three times and lost all three appeals.  The Dahmer family won all the way.

This Florida Statute needs to be repealed!! This is absurd, ridiculous, unjustifiable, unfair, unjust and totally wrong in the first degree!  No family victims who win wrongful death lawsuits should have to pay 50% of punitive damages to nursing homes to be used for better care.

What is your opinion on this?

 ~Debbie Dahmer
   F.A.T.E. Foundation on Aiding the Elderly

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StandUp said...

My opinion is it's unjust and it's bad enough what happened to your father without this stressing out your mother. I'm so sorry.