Friday, January 29, 2016

Actor Peter Falk's Daughter Pushing for Change in Legal Guardianship Law

Some Colorado lawmakers want to strip some the decision making power from legal guardians, and they’re getting help from the daughter of a famous actor.

The bill is named after Peter Falk, the actor who played Columbo on TV.

What it does seems basic — it simply allows families to see their loved ones when they become incapacitated. It’s about the power of guardians and the rights of some of the most vulnerable Coloradans.

Peter Falk was known to TV viewers as the disheveled, endearing detective Columbo. Catherine Falk knew him as “Dad.” “He was exactly the same on screen as off screen,” Catherine Falk said. “He was just this tender, really funny, goofy person.”

 But Peter Falk’s life would take a tragic turn when he developed Alzheimer’s disease. His second wife isolated him, forcing his daughter to go to probate court just to see her father before he died. “It cost me close to $100,000 in my money, not my dad’s money, my money to get in just before he passed away; that’s wrong,” Catherine Falk said. 

Sen. Laura Woods, R-Jefferson County, agrees. “The same program designed to protect these vulnerable citizens also exposes them to exploitation,” Woods said.

 She’s introduced a bill — named after Peter Falk — that would prohibit guardians from cutting off contact with family. “The guardian assumes all of the rights of the person that they are guardian for; so they can say, ‘No visitors, no phone calls, no mail,’ and really isolate the most vulnerable in our society, which are the elderly and adults with disabilities,” Woods said.

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 Actor Peter Falk's Daughter Pushing for Change in Legal Guardianship Law

John DeBryuyn, Marcia Southwick, Catherine Falk, Senator Woods


Anonymous said...

Lucky Colorado!

Sylvia Rudek said...

Every bill that is introduced to improve and reform adult guardianship / conservatorship is progress raising awareness and bringing attention to a hidden danger waiting for all of us that affects and impacts a large portion of our nation.

Every Adult Guardianship Bill that passes the Senate and the House, to become law signed by the Governor is success.

Many thanks to Catherine Falk and Senator Laura Woods, her staff and her team for their commitment, hard work and determination.

Steve said...

Great news. I thank you and your team for all you have done.

Betty said...

Thank you Senator Woods and the entire team!

Terri said...

I am so proud of all of you and proud to be a member of NASGA.

Richard said...

I join you all in appreciating what's being done here and the enormous amount of effort behind it.