Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lita: A Loving Tribute

A loving daughter's beautiful tribute of the life of Carmen Tozzo Hernandez ("Lita") a victim of unlawful and abusive guardianship in the state of Florida.  Lita is gone too soon but will live in the hearts and minds of her family.

Lita - A Loving Tribute


Alicia said...

Very lovely and it makes me want to cry.

NASGA member said...


Anonymous said...

We need to start spreading the word about how Hospice can be used as the grim reaper by nefarious guardians. My grandmother's guardian tried to shorten her life when she was on Hospice by pushing comfort meds that she did not need. Miraculously, I was able to get her off Hospice and she lived more than a year after that!

StandUp said...

I agree Anonymous.

Lita was so pretty and her life was too until she was taken into guardianship. It's so wrong.

Anonymous said...

This was just beautiful and very moving. This almost could have been about my very own mother, in Florida, guardian and attorney
zapped mom into hospice when they had gone through most of her money and she was still live. And hospice did the same...took her off all of her meds Then they loaded mom up with comfort drugs, morphine ,morphine,morphine, ativan, temazepan, lorazepam ,and laxatives to weaken even an elephant. She lasted less than 2 months o hospice,and died in my arms, as I sang
to her. You created a wonderful tribute to your mother. She is very proud of you.