Saturday, January 30, 2016

Maine: Peter Falk Bill Helps Adult Children Visit Their Sick Parents

A bill influenced by a late Hollywood actor Peter Falk could ensure family members are able to visit sick loved ones.

Maine State Representative Archie Verow said meeting Catherine Falk inspired him to make sure children are not estranged from their parents, in times of sickness. Verow said, "In her case her dad was remarried and the subsequent wife would not permit the children of the first wife to have access to their dad."

Representative Archie Verow
For the past five years, Catherine has championed the cause around the country in almost 20 states. She has heard similar isolation cases to her own in legislatures across the nation and said in a telephone interview: "The most rewarding part of this is hearing people who testify in the Senate and House of their state. Their stories are powerful. This brings my crusade to the forefront. Historically there is no bill like this in our country. It really holds the guardian accountable."

Archie pointed to specific wording in this bill that will address the problems Catherine and many others have faced. "This bill would require notification by the spouse for any children of a previous marriage if their dad had to go to the hospital or had illness," stated Verow.

The bill was slated to go before the legislative council on Thursday but was tabled for a later date. Catherine explained that a guardianship should be a last resort.

Peter Falk Bill Helps Adult Children Visit Sick Parents


Kim said...

Maine? Wow! I hope Archie can get this bill passed in my state!

B Inberg said...

Well isn't this great! Common sense legislation that most people wouldn't know there is a need until the situation blindsides them or their loved ones.

Much credit to Catherine Falk for not walking away from the major problems. Applause and standing ovation to Maine State Representative Archie Verow for listening and taking the time to follow through to introducing his bill.

And my thoughts go to isolated wards who are childless, without children and some without any living or close blood relatives? Will those persons, former friends of the ward, who are banned from contact with their former friends be able to have any resources by law to remedy their complaints?

I consider any / all bills that are introduced to be giants steps forward.

Thank you.

Richard said...

The Peter Falk Bill is sweeping the nation and I'm glad because it is needed in every state. Thanks to Catherine Falk and her determination, isolation will start coming to an end and the aged will not suffer this horrible form of elder abuse.