Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mickey Rooney’s Kids Come Out with Shocking Accusation About How Their Dad Died

Mickey Ronney (Getty - AFB/Stringer)

In a shocking new claim, members of deceased Hollywood icon Mickey Rooney’s family have accused his step-son, Mark Aber, of foul play.

In fact, Rooney’s estranged wife Jan Chamberlain and some of his children have accused Mark of poisoning the 93-year-old actor.

Suspicions rose after Rooney signed a new will, just weeks before his death. In the revised document, the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” star cut his biological children and Jan out of the will entirely.

Rooney’s entire estate, which amounted to merely $18,000, was left to Mark and his wife Charlene.

Image Credit: Getty/ Evan Agostini
Image Credit: Getty/ Evan Agostini

However, two of the star’s children, Kerry and Kelly, want a post-mortem toxicology test done to prove their claims. Kelly even snipped a strand of Rooney’s hair as he laid in his coffin for later examination.

The pair, along with Jan and her other son Chris, reportedly noticed eerie signs pointing to foul play, like ‘literature’ over how to poison someone in the mail. The mother and son pair are filing a suit which will likely be followed by a ‘fresh autopsy.’

That’s right: They want to exhume the body.

But this isn’t the first time Rooney’s money troubles and family sparring have reached the public eye.

Image Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Staff
Image Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN / Staff

According to CNN, the actor accused Chris Aber of elder abuse and money extortion back in 2011.

Though Kelly cannot currently afford to run forensic tests on her father’s hair samples, she’s hopeful new evidence will uncover any wrongdoing.

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Mickey Rooney’s Kids Come Out with Shocking Accusation About How Their Dad Died

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StandUp said...

It's so sad to think that Mickey Rooney would end up with a tragic death. I commend his children for finding out what actually happened to him.

Kenny said...

I am so sorry for the Rooney family. This whole thing has got to be so stressful and I don't know how they can take it.