Sunday, January 3, 2016

Recommended Website: Coalition for Elder and Dependent Adult's Rights

CEDAR's mission:  "...involuntary commitment is incarceration against one's will regardless of whether it's called 'civil' or 'criminal.'"
~Supreme Court of California

Civil Rights Education, Policy, and Research
CEDAR's focus is rights of the elderly and dependent adults. Our advocates are at the forefront of education, policy analysis, and research on these issues. We present our data at conferences and events across the nation.

CEDAR educates the public on civil rights issues of concern to elders and dependent adults. CEDAR develops print and multimedia educational materials for use by individuals or organizations. CEDAR representatives speak at national conferences, regional, and local events.

CEDAR investigates and reports on cases of abuse and civil rights violations. Past investigations focused on elder abuse within California conservatorships, elder abuse in assisted living facilities, and law enforcement complicity with elder abuse.

CEDAR reported on failures of Adult Protective Services, the Long-term Care Ombudsman, and Community Care Licensing. Those failures to provide mandated services allowed horrific abuse to continue with impunity.

Coalition for Elder Dependent Adult's Rights

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StandUp said...

Thank you for posting, NASGA. CEDAR is a great group of advocates and I'm glad to see them becoming more active.