Friday, January 22, 2016

Steve Miller: Estimated $160,000 Missing From Jason Hanson's Estate

Elyse Tyrell
LAS VEGAS - While cerebral palsy victim Jason Hanson was under the Clark County Family Court ordered trusteeship of Attorney Fran Fine, private guardian Jared E. Shafer, and attorney Elyse Tyrell , his trustees and guardians either participated in, or looked the other way, as an estimated $160,000+ was stolen from Jason's estate according to newly discovered Clark County court records.

Former Clark County Family Court Judge Fran Fine was court appointed in 2007 as Jason's guardian seven years after being found guilty of unethical conduct by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline, and removed from the bench for life.

Ex-judge Fine was only one of the highly esteemed professionals assigned as fiduciaries over Jason Hanson's estate until he reached adulthood. The others included Patience Bristol who was later imprisoned, Shafer who is currently under investigation for exploiting his wards, and Judge Charles Hoskin and Hearing Master Jon Norheim who were recently removed by the District Court Chief Judge judge from hearing future guardianship related cases.



SEPTEMBER 14, 2007

In the Matter of the Guardianship of the estate of JASON HANSON, minor ward, and pursuant to NRS 159.078 respectfully represents the following to this Honorable Court:

1. On the 13th day of February, 2007, an Order of the Court was entered appointing FRANCES ANN FINE the Guardian of JASON HANSON's estate.
3. JASON HANSON's estate consists of a blocked custodial account held with Charles Schwab in the approximate amount of eighty thousand dollars ($80,000.00).

Jared E. Shafer
On October 7, 2013, Jared Shafer presented the very past due and one and only Accounting of Jason Hanson's Trust to the Clark County Family Court for approval.

Jason was not notified of the hearing and had not received a copy of the Accounting. He had previously asked Hearing Master Norheim to appoint him an attorney for all future hearing, but Norheim refused which is a blatant violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The court blindly approved the Accounting that neglected to mention the Charles Schwab account containing $80,000. The Accounting only stated that Jason's estate had a beginning balance of $48,963.24 that consisted mainly of the undervalued ADA equipped condominium Jason was supposed to inherit from his father that Shafer sold for only $47,000 without Jason's knowledge or approval.

Jason Hanson
Following the court's blind approval of the Accounting, Jason was presented with a check for $8,913.65 which comprised the total balance of his inheritance. At the hearing, no mention was made of why Jason's house was sold at a discount when other Key Condominiums on Lindell Rd. sold that year between $135,000 and $175,000, and no mention was made of the disposition of the $80,000 held with Charles Schwab.
~Steve Miller

In my E-Brief entitled "Estimated $160,000 Missing From Jason Hanson's Estate," published on January 20, 2016, I erroneously reported, "Following the court's blind approval of the Accounting, Jason was presented with a check for $8,913.65 which comprised the total balance of his inheritance."

It has since been confirmed that Mr. Hanson did not receive $8,913.65, and in fact has not received any proceeds from the 2009 sale of his father's handicap accessible house for the discounted sum of $47,000 without Jason's knowledge or consent after Jason had reached the legal age of consent, or any proceeds from his trust account held with Charles Schwab in the approximate amount of eighty thousand dollars ($80,000.00) that was set up by Hanson's grandparents.

The highly discounted sale of Hanson's Lindell Rd. house, and the whereabouts of the $80,000 will be discussed at the Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission meeting on Friday, January 22, at 1 PM in the Nevada Supreme Court courtroom located on the 17th floor of the Clark County Regional Justice Center on Lewis Ave. in downtown Las Vegas.

Jason Hanson will appear at the hearing to ask his former Trustee, attorney Elyse Tyrell who is a member of the Guardianship Commission, to explain the whereabouts or disposition of the assets from his Charles Schwab account; discuss the highly discounted sale of his house without his consent; and ask why he was not provided an attorney after he requested one during a 2014 hearing in Clark County Hearing Master Jon Norheim's court - a clear violation of Jason's rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Full PETITION, and Jason's full TRUST


Conrad said...

This makes me sick. It seems so impossible to me that no one is watching.

Corruption Slayer said...

I am currently dealing with Ms. Fine's fraudulent behavior and she needs to not be permitted to practice law if she can't follow the laws herself! Maybe the Feds will indite her next. One can only hope.