Monday, January 18, 2016

Steve Miller: Jared Shafer Victim Jason Hanson to Testify Friday at Guardianship Commission Meeting

Jason Hanson, 26 year old cerebral palsy victim of private professional guardian Jared E. Shafer, will testify this Friday before the Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission.

Hanson will tell the commission how Shafer stole his ADA equipped house and inheritance while he was under Shafer's trusteeship.

Following Hanson's presentation, Steve Miller will testify that one of the Guardianship Commission members, attorney Elyse Tyrell, was Hanson's successor trustee after Shafer. Miller will inquire how Tyrell failed to provide her client, Hanson, any accounting of the disposition of his assets that included her fees, and to whom the proceeds from the sale his house and proceeds from his trust were distributed.

Here is a video of Jason telling his story to videographer Mike Christ and ombudsman Steve Miller:

The hearing is open to the public.


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Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of Shafer walking free. When is he going to be locked up with the keys thrown away?

Shirley Zagru said...

Thank you, Steve Miller!

Anonymous said...

Jared Shafer should be in jail.