Saturday, January 23, 2016

Steve Miller: Jason Hanson Cautioned!

Yesterday, while cerebral palsy victim and former ward of the court Jason Hanson was waiting in the Nevada Supreme Court lobby just prior to testifying before the Guardianship Commission, his erstwhile Trustee and Guardianship Commission member Elyse Tyrell approached him to say, "Hi Jason, I've got your money!"

Tyrell has been holding Jason's trust account without his knowledge for almost one year, an account set up by his grandmother that in 2009 contained approximately $80,000. Several court observers believe she and her client, private guardian Jared Shafer, were possibly waiting for Jason to pass away so they could keep his trust money, but got caught yesterday when Jason showed up in his electric wheelchair with a cadre of supporters including several attorneys.

During the hearing Tyrell acting as a Commissioner stated on the record that she had been holding Hanson's inheritance at her law office, and he should come there to pick it up. She also announced she is deducting her legal fees from the account. Attorneys are cautioning Jason not to sign any documents including a gag order or hold harmless agreement prior to receiving his funds. Jason also has no idea how much Tyrell and her client Jared Shafer may have converted from his trust during the seven years they controlled it. Jason will now have to hire an attorney to ensure he is treated fairly by his former and present "trustees." Yesterday was one more example of why the Commission was formed, and why their power must be expanded to include the ability to initiate criminal prosecution.-  ~Steve Miller

Jason's testimony in full:
Before I begin, I wanted to thank the members of this commission for giving me the opportunity to speak. I’m a disabled Las Vegas resident who is in need of your help.

On June 27th 2008 I was informed by telephone that my father died. Jared Shafer was the person who contacted me. He said he was the administrator of my late father’s estate. I attempted to contact Mr. Shafer on several occasions after his first phone call.

Mr. Shafer’s attitude toward me was very condescending. He was rude, arrogant and wouldn’t answer my questions and ended my calls by hanging up on me. When I asked about my house, he refused to talk about it. A close friend gave Shafer a list of my personal needs but the items on this list were ignored with no explanation.

Mr. Shafer also became the trustee of my supplemental needs trust, created by my then guardian, Francis Fine. Francis never provided me any accounting either. I believe that Fine and Shafer used the funds from my trust which was created for me by my grandmother. There was over $80,000 in this trust and none of the funds have ever been accounted for. I have not received any money from this inheritance.

Shafer sold my father’s house and the personal contents without my consent or knowledge during his time as trustee. I have no idea what happened to all of this money because I have received no accounting or information on the sale of the family home.

I was told not long ago that Elyse Tyrell became the new trustee after Shafer gave it up in 2014. I have not received any accounting or information from Elyse Tyrell. It is painful for me to learn that Ms. Tyrell is on this Commission.

I was never provided with an attorney, even when I asked for one. I have not benefited from the sale of my father’s home or the remaining funds in the trust. My father made the home wheel chair accessible for me so that I could live as a normal person. Why should I live in a group home now when my father left a house and money for my care?

I am competent, intelligent and I know my civil rights have been seriously violated, especially my ADA rights.

I believe that Jared Shafer stole from me by lining his pockets; other victims report receiving identical treatment from him. Please understand Mr. Shafer can only accomplish this through the assistance of highly unethical and greedy attorneys who sold their souls for the right to take money from helpless victims who can’t fight back.

I believe that Shafer and his associates are amoral and disgusting people preying on the disabled victims they are supposed to be protecting. They act like a hoard of greedy demons and at the center of this corruption is the devil himself, Jared E. Shafer.

I’m only one voice and it is my hope that my case will open the door for countless guardianship victims who can’t fight back. Please make these people accountable for their actions.

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Rod said...

We're all praying for you Jason. Justice must happen.