Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diane Dimond: Elder Guardianships a Shameful ‘Racket’ in America

Betty Winstanley
Betty Winstanley is a well-spoken, elegant and wealthy 94-year-old widow, and as she told me from her room at the Masonic Village retirement facility in Elizabethtown, Pa., “I feel like I am in prison. My life is a living hell.”

Welcome to America’s twisted world of court-appointed guardianships for the elderly.

Quick backstory: Betty and her husband, Robert, were married for 72 years. They had three children, Richard, David and Betsy. For nearly seven years, the couple occupied a “lovely” apartment at the Masonic Village retirement home in Elizabethtown.

In early 2014, Betty, who uses a rolling walker to get around, said she felt faint. Seeing no staff nearby she lowered herself to the ground.

“They said I fell,” she told me. “But that is a bad, bad word around here. Once you fall they decide you aren’t capable of taking care of yourself anymore.”

Betty was sent to the medical section of the compound for rehabilitation after a small fracture was found. (Continue Reading)

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Diane Dimond: Elder Guardianships a Shameful ‘Racket’ in America


StandUp said...

Horrible story! She should be able to move to MD and be with the son she wants to be with. Sounds to me like the lawyers are milking this case.

Betty said...

I do't think it's fair to blame families in these cases. Yes, family opened the door inadvertently, but they are clueless as to how unjust the justice system is.