Friday, February 26, 2016

Joe Roubicek: Joe's Cases: Anything for Money: A Predator's Tale

Ina hated that incessant ringing as she lay in bed with her bedroom light on in the middle of the night. I’m 93 years old, for God’s sake, she thought. I can’t take this anymore. With a trembling hand she picked up the receiver. “Hello?”

Heavy breathing, then cries and screams. “Aaaaaggg help! Aaauughhh!” It sounded as if someone were being tortured.

“Who is this?” … Silence … “Leave me alone!”

More heavy breathing.

Ina hung up the phone and unplugged it from the wall.

Next morning, she washed, made her coffee, and returned to the bedroom to plug the phone back in, something she had done every day for the past week. But no sooner had she plugged it back in when it began ringing. Since it was daytime and the nuisance calls only came in at night, she answered the phone.

“How are you this morning?”

Ina recognized the Caribbean accent of Sharon Wilcox, a woman she had recently employed. In fact, she had expected the call.

“What do you want?” Ina asked.

“I need more money, Ina.”

“I’ve already given you plenty of money, Sharon. It’s time you left me alone.”

“You know, Ina, I still have the key to your garage. You mustn’t make me use it.”

“This is the last time, so you better stop calling me.”

“I’ll need $500,” Sharon said.

“And then you’ll leave me alone?”

“I promise. I’ll stop by this afternoon to drop off your key and say goodbye, okay?”

Ina agreed and Sharon Wilcox, her former devoted caretaker, came to the house that afternoon, picked up a $500.00 check, returned Ina’s garage key, a key that ultimately already had cost Ina $2,000 to retrieve it.

Maybe the calls would stop. Maybe Ina could have some peace.

Full Article and Source:
Joe's Cases:  Anything for Money:  A Predator's Tale


Jeremy said...

Thank you for these case reviews. They are very interesting.

Anonymous said...

It scares me because I know so many elderly are alone and the predators start working on them.

Barbara said...

I am so glad to have cops like Joe Roubicek see what guardianship abuse is and be active in the cause as well what he teaches us about elder abuse.

B Inberg said...

Very interesting and educational. Looking forward to more. I agree with Barbara. We need law enforcement's perspective on guardianship cases an area that is a mystery to most law enforcement agencies.


#1 protection is to execute Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Property now. All who attain the age of 18 need to have DPOA for Health Care on that date as the child is an adult, parents do not have guarantee of any legal authority to make medical conditions if the adult child has an accident or illness that leaves your adult child unable to make any decisions. Beware and be aware!

Joecitizen said...

(Second attempt) And I'm so happy for NASGA and folks like you because our elders are not alone when we are watching out for them ... We are not alone, right?

Betty said...

Love you, Mr. Roubicek! Thank you for all you do.