Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tanya Tucker fights for Glen Campbell

Tanya Tuckers fight for Glen Campbell is to simply be able to get in to see him and say goodbye. Tucker expresses that wish in an interview that can be seen by clicking this photo.

Back in the early 1980’s, Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell were an item. It was a tumultuous relationship but as Tucker says in a recent tear filled ET interview, “he was the love of my life.” She would like to get in and see him to say goodbye but it seems that request is not being addressed.

Tanya Tucker fights for Glen Campbell. Campbell who is entering the last stage of Alzheimer’s may not even remember who she is so her visit is more for her than him but it sure seems important to Tucker that she be allowed her goodbyes. Campbell recently made it through the holidays in what is being referred to as a “Memory Home,” a facility that specializes in patients with this horrible disease. Nobody can say exactly how much time he has left but if his Stages are being diagnosed correctly, it might not be too much longer. Time is of the essence.

What turns out to be an even sadder situation is it looks like the children from Campbell’s first 2 marriages have had to fight legally for the right to visit with him and even at that, those visitations are very strict and limited.  There has been a new bill drafted and being presented to the legislation in Tennessee allowing the rights of grown children of parents who have become wards of the state or are governed by a conservatorship to preserve the family relationship.

Tanya Tucker is standing right beside Campbell’s first two children in an effort to see to it that Campbell and others like him are not prevented from sharing what time they have left with ALL not just some of their loved ones.  There has been a Facebook page created for this purpose to bring awareness to the Campbell children and Glen Campbell’s plight.  The name of the page is ‘Help Glen Campbell.’  If you want to help, like the page and see what if anything there is that you can do to help at this time.   For more on this fight visit the Catherine Falk Organization.  The daughter of deceased actor Peter Falk heads this organization.

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Tanya Tucker fights for Glen Campbell

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