Sunday, March 6, 2016

Elder abuse: Caretaker nearly kills man

An elderly Arvada man hired a caretaker from jail, who proceeded to swindle him for $20,000 dollars and almost killed him, by pushing him down the stairs of his home and stomping on his head.

In November, Jana Bergman was sentenced to 208 years in prison for attacking 88-year-old Jack Woods.

While Woods’ story is horrific, it’s not unusual or rare.


In late 2013, Woods posted an ad in the paper looking for someone to help around the house.

“I needed a housekeeper and a cook, a companion that I could talk to and not be lonely, because this house is awful big to live in by myself,” Woods said.

Jana Bergman (Photo: Denver Police) According to court records, 32-year-old Bergman responded from jail. She wrote and called Woods. Telling him he was handsome, she didn’t care about their age difference and that she was a “care provider in every sense of the title.”

After a number of calls and jail house letters, Woods bailed Bergman out of jail and she came to live in his Arvada home in early 2014.

Bergman had a long criminal history with multiple felonies, including fraud, drugs and forgery. But despite that, Woods wanted to help. (Continue Reading)

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Elder abuse: Caretaker nearly kills man

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