Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Grassley expresses concern about exploitation of nursing home residents

Senator Grassley
Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley said Wednesday he is seeking response by the U.S. Justice Department on what he called a new and disturbing trend against the elderly – the exploitation of nursing home residents on social media.

“In several cases around the country, nursing home workers have been caught taking photos and videos of residents in vulnerable positions and posting them on social media outlets such as Snapchat,” Grassley said during his weekly chat with Iowa reporters. “The mocking posts are meant for the workers’ amusement, but the posts are degrading and horrifying. The residents are frail and incapable of fighting back against the abusive treatment.”

Since much of nursing home care is paid through Medicaid, a federal-state program, and since nursing home inspection is a similar makeup, these facilities must adhere to state and federal health and safety standards, Grassley said. He has asked the U.S. attorney general’s office on what the Justice Department is doing to stop this exploitation.

“The Justice Department is the nation’s top law enforcement agency,” he said, “and its involvement in fighting this newly emerging crime is critical to prevention, prosecution and holding perpetrators accountable.”

Grassley has also asked the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for an updated account of its work on elder abuse, including social media exploitation, in an effort to “stop this abuse of our seniors.”

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Grassley expresses concern about exploitation of nursing home residents

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Thank you Senator. I am glad to see your concern.