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Elder Medical Kidnapping in Texas Results in Abuse and Death of Elderly Mother

by Health Impact News/ Staff

Darrell Miller’s elderly mother was taken from her home and family in a heartbreaking chain of events initiated by Adult Protective Services. Even today, the Duncanville, Texas man struggles to understand and to communicate the horrors that his mother experienced as a victim of elder kidnapping and abuse. Although he fought well, his pleas went unanswered by the courts and police.
They killed my Mom, and now they’re trying to blame it on me and Methodist.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote:
Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

Elderly Mother Seized, Son Falsely Accused

Miller’s mother was taken by the court’s “care system” – APS (adult protective services) and DADs (Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities), who claimed he was unable to care for her. Once she was in the state’s custody, a story unfolded that Darrell would hardly believe if he hadn’t seen it for himself.

When Darrell attempted to get his mother out of a medical facility that he reports was harming her, hospital staff called the police and allegedly made up allegations that Darrell sexually abused his own mother (an allegation which Darrell vehemently denies, and says has absolutely no evidence – he believes it was simply rumored by hospital authorities). There was also a barrage of phone calls placed by people whom Darrell believes were the APS workers.

His mother’s medical paperwork included a diagnosis of “dementia,” which Darrell (like so many other adult care givers) asserts she “didn’t have.”  He also believes that APS systematically deteriorated his mother’s health in order to deplete her financial assets.  He alleges that authorities over-medicated his mother and treated her for illnesses she did not have.

Those who have been victimized are well aware of these patterns. Although in the midst of the mayhem, they may be unable to discern all attempts by the kidnappers to fog the issues and the true reasons behind their behaviors, sometimes one of us can see something(s) more clearly than others.

Darrell understood that the systems were trying to take his mother’s assets, but he had to focus on her health, which deteriorated each time she was placed in a care facility. He also was forced to fight against the allegations of his mistreatment of her.

Darrell makes these allegations based upon his dealings with APS, DADs, and LTAC (long term acute care facilities) and the reams of evidence he allegedly has to prove them.

Son Accepts “Help” from the State


When APS accused Darrell of neglecting his mother’s care (which he denies), Miller knew he had to do something more. His schedule was very busy, between caring for his mother and his own family, and he realized that he would need help to give her the close care she needed. So, he did the reasonable thing and finally accepted an offer from Continuous Care (CC) nurses to assist him with his mother’s care at her home.

Darrell learned, like many others before him who have had this “help” with their own loved one, that they were only there to help themselves.

From March through May of  2014, Darrell tended to the round the clock care of his mother. He made sure she got to her appointments, stayed by her side during hospital stays, and ensured that there was a well established plan of care for her.  (Continue Reading)

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Elder Medical Kidnapping in Texas Results in Abuse and Death of Elderly Mother


StandUp said...

I believe this is a case of a family who was doing their best. Guardianship should not be about separating family and should have the ultimate goal of family reunification.

Anonymous said...

ALL a tX guardianship is about remains CASH.
the cash to their corrupt courts, ad litems and GALs.
the proposed WARD is simply the vehicle.
probate court IS the equivalent of the CPS on steroids.