Sunday, April 17, 2016

Missouri: Public Administrator Found Missing Funds, Resigns From Office

We now have new details following the resignation of Dunklin County Public Administrator Shawnee Trowbridge.

 [A]uditors discovered fraud totaling $800 during a regular county audit, but that number could grow.

 The audit found issues over the past three years with some of the purchases and receipts that the Dunklin County Public Administrator made and a lack of documentation to support some purchases.

 Documents show Trowbridge bought Walmart gift cards, gas, pet supplies and made other purchases in Florida while on vacation with money belonging to four of her clients.

State Auditor Nicole Galloway says Trowbridge failed to have any supporting documentation for some disbursements from ward bank accounts.

 In a three-year period, she issued 10 checks totaling $2,076 to Walmart from ward accounts but did not retain documentation to support the payments.

“What is particularly upsetting about this instance is that Mrs. Trowbridge took advantage of her power and used assets and funds that were for Missourians that had no one else to turn to and she was responsible for managing those finances," she said.

 Trowbridge has already repaid the $800.

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  Missouri Public Administrator Found Missing Funds, Resigns From Office


Rachel said...

She should resign and still be investigated. She knew better and not having the documentation may simply have been her effort to cover up.

Scott James said...

She must have thought she would get by with it. Most greedy people do.