Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Steve Miller: Elyse Tyrell Resigns As Jared E. Shafer's Sign Company's Attorney

LAS VEGAS - Possibly sensing that she's being judged by the company she keeps, or that she has a serious conflict of interest, elder law attorney and Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission member Elyse Tyrell on February 17 removed herself as Jared Shafer's political sign company's Registered Agent. Note that she resigned two weeks after my AmericanMafia.com article (below) was published.

Status:   Active File Date:   1/17/2012
Type:   Domestic Limited-Liability Company Entity Number:   NV
Business ID:   NV20121040410 Business License Exp:   1/31/2017

Action Type:   Registered Agent Change
Document Number:   20160071172-17 # of Pages:   1
File Date:   2/17/2016 Effective Date:  

Registered Agent Information
 Address 1:   3030 ANCHORMAN
Address 2:    City:   NORTH LAS VEGAS
State:   NV Zip Code:   89031
Officers  Include Inactive Officers
Address 1:  
P.O. BOX 50790 Address 2:  
Zip Code:   89016 Country:   USA

When Shafer stepped down as Clark County's elected Public Guardian in 2003, he opened two private businesses at 5858 Pecos Rd. in Henderson; Professional Fiduciary Services of Nevada, Inc. (PFSN, Inc.); and Signs of Nevada,LLC.

Since that time, many local family court judges, district court judges, Nevada assemblymen, and state senators have used his sign service during elections, and have possibly paid for their signs with favors to Shafer's fiduciary service including enacting laws designed to protect his interests, and turning their backs on complaints from his exploited "wards" and their families.

Based on the horrendous damage Shafer has committed to the weakest of the weak in our society, it's obvious he had lots of help.

Tyrell's departure from Signs of Nevada may be telltale, but the names of prominent people currently appearing on his hundreds of portable A-frame signs located on every vacant lot in the county may tell a bigger story, a story of who is beholden to him now and in the future.

Make note of the names of candidates using these large signs, and then watch them closely as the investigation and prosecution of those involved in local guardianship racketeering progresses this summer.

Elyse, If you can't stand the heat, maybe its time to get out of the kitchen. April Parks just did!

But like Clark County District Attorney Steven Wolfson told me on April 7, "You can run, but you can't hide. This office has jurisdiction over state lines."

~Steve Miller

See AmericanMafia.conm


Mark said...

Go get them Steve!

Leslie said...

My mother was a Shafer/Bristol victim. Enid Klein. Her name means something. No one cared when I was trying to save her.

NASGA said...

Leslie, please consider joining NASGA. We're so sorry for what your Mother endured and the hell you went through trying to protect her: http://stopguardianabuse.org/join-nasga/