Sunday, April 3, 2016

Steve Miller: Why Have Jared Shafer And Elyse Tyrell Been Allowed to Fleece The Elderly And Disabled For Years?

Guardianship attorney and Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commissioner Elyse Tyrell is Jared Shafer's sign company's attorney and registered agent.

Shafer's PFSN, Inc. office manager Amy Viggiano Deittrick is his sign company's manager and runs the sign and guardian businesses out of Shafer's office located at 5858 S. Pecos Rd., Suite 500, in Las Vegas.

Signs of Nevada also uses Shafer's PO Box 50790, Henderson, Nevada.

I believe that Shafer and Tyrell's political advertising business is the reason so many judges and district attorneys have let them get away with their guardianship scams for so long.

Shafer allegedly has the ability to discount or donate his signs to candidates he and Tyrell favor, and based on the performance of Clark County Family Court Judges William Voy (also a Guardianship Commissioner), Charles Hoskin, Art Ritchie, and their appointed Hearing Master Jon Norheim (Rick Rizzolo's former lawyer), the sign company is paying them with dividends through their favored candidate's lack of attention and enforcement.

Based on Colton Lockhead's story in today's Review-Journal, I hope that Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson will no longer need Shafer and Tyrell's signs for his future campaigns, and will prosecute the duo to the fullest extent of the law for their crimes against the weakest of the weak in our society.
~ Steve Miller

Elyse Tyrell

Jared Shafer

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