Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How Corrupt Is America's Judicial System?

A recent watchdog report found that almost half of Americans polled believe that the U.S. justice system is corrupt. Many who hold this belief likely turn to a host of recent scandals involving judges being bribed.

How Corrupt Is America's Judicial System?


Robert Lowell said...

It's corrupt of course. Almost everything has been invaded by bad people. But there are alot of good judges in the system too. Don't discount them.

Vanessa said...

It's all about money and lawyers maneuvering the system. What's wrong and what's right aren't any any of their minds anymore. It's a national disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada have untold stories of paid, for profit, guardianship being approved by the Eighth District Court, Judges like Hoskins with his hearing master Norheim. These are just the first of many corrupt members of the Nevada courts. Norheim and Hoskins have allowed for profit guardians like April Parks and their corrupt attorneys like Lee Drizin take millions from those they are suppose to protect. Not one Judge has been investigated and those Judges like Cynthia Dianne Steele, claim they want to help have sat by while the exploitation started. Steele was advised of the illegal imprisoning of Ruth Braslow in February2013 but did nothing to stop Norheim and Hoskins from giving her to Parks. Last count, Braslow lost her house, all her belongings and over $100,000, which amounts to her losing the life she lead. Check our KTNV-channel 13, reporter Darcy Spears in Las Vegas http://www.ktnv.com/news/contact-13/private-guardian-under-investigation-leaving-nevada

Larry Braslow said...

Unfortunately, corruption happens because people become greedy and/or like the power of their position. “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” We allow Judges to come from the ranks of attorneys and like a fraternity, they protect each other. If we picked Judges from “learned elders” as is the way in Native American culture, we could eliminate attorneys protecting attorneys. This problem is the keystone of why our Judicial System is failing.