Thursday, May 19, 2016

Man fights to keep 104-year-old woman living at her home: 'It's her last wish'

Evan LaPointe with Audrey Roberts
For nearly all his life, Evan LaPointe has considered Audrey Roberts to be like a grandmother. So when the 104-year-old woman outlived all her retirement savings, he jumped at the chance to help.

"The way I see it, she used to watch over me and take care of me, and now it's my turn to do that for her," LaPointe, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, told TODAY.

He met Roberts when he was only 3 years old, through a foster grandparents program, where Roberts was a volunteer. 

"Whenever my parents wanted to get out or go out of town, I'd hang out with Audrey, and she would take care of me," LaPointe, 21, said. "She's like a grandma to me. So it's just like going over to grandma's house, going over there."

Now Roberts, who also outlived her husband and only child, is part of the family. LaPointe and his mother live about 10 minutes away and visit Roberts all the time, including every other Friday, to take her to a hair appointment.

"We used to have her over for Christmas and Thanksgiving, when she could get around better," LaPointe said. "But we still load up a plate for her and bring it over."

But now Roberts faces a dilemma — she's outlived all her savings.

"Throughout her life, she worked minimum wage jobs and saved almost $200,000," LaPointe said. "That was her life savings. But she'll be 105 this year. She's running out of money."

Part of the problem is that LaPointe wants to stay home instead of relocating to a nursing home, and while she can get around on her own using a walker, she has severe arthritis and still requires 24-hour care.

"And the caretakers are awesome," LaPointe said. "They even called last week and took a pay cut, so they're doing what they can to help. Everybody is. But 24-hour care... It adds up."

He launched a GoFundMe page to help raise funds to keep Roberts in her house, which she bought decades ago for $5,000.

"She takes pride in that house," he said.

LaPointe, who works at his family's print shop and also as a photographer, said Roberts is one of his favorite subjects.

"I love taking photos of her," he said. "She's 104 but she looks better than a lot of people in their 70s or 80s! She's an incredible woman."

Roberts told TODAY she's touched by LaPointe's efforts: "I think it's wonderful," she said.

"He's like my grandson," Roberts added. "He's always been with me. He's a great guy."

Roberts' doctor also testifies that she does better at home.   (Continue Reading)

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Man fights to keep 104-year-old woman living at her home: 'It's her last wish'

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Vicki said...

Bless this man. I hope and pray the community comes together for this woman.