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Ohio Nursing Home Lawyer Explains Medical Conditions That Could Indicate Neglect

Given their age, Ohio nursing home residents tend to suffer from one or two health problems, and it’s possible that their medical conditions are the reasons they must live in a nursing home. But sometimes nursing home residents suffer medical conditions that are brought on by neglect in their nursing home.

One of the leading killers of the elderly is pneumonia and is often caused by lackluster dental care. A past report from the New York Times found that nursing home residents across the U.S. are suffering from a range of dental problems including broken teeth, cavities, and gum disease. Researchers told the NYT that bacteria tied to inadequate dental care was causing many cases of pneumonia that could easily be prevented through diligent care.

If your loved one suffers from frequent urinary tract infections or bladder infections, their toileting needs may be ignored by staff. When staff member doesn’t help a resident to the bathroom when needed or change their incontinence garments, they may be forced to hold their urine for long periods. That along with their already diminished health can easily lead to a bladder or urinary tract record.

Failing to change a resident’s soiled incontinence garments or underwear also leads to rashes and skin infections. In bad cases of neglect, soiled undergarments can lead to bed sores.

Bedsores are somewhat common in nursing homes especially among residents who are immobile, but most often bedsores are a sign of nursing home abuse and neglect. Bed sores develop when pressure is put on the same part of the body for prolonged periods of time. Muscles, skin and tissue begin to break down if the nursing home staff does not move an immobile person on a regular basis. The Mayo Clinic says a nursing home resident should be moved every two hours to be sure they don’t develop bed sores.

If a resident does develop bed sore, a facility has a duty to ensure they are getting the medical attention they need. Bed sores must be cleaned often and bandage. When a bedsore is in the buttocks region or any other area covered by incontinence garments, staff must ensure those garments are kept dry and clean. But many don’t and failing to do so can lead to severe and potentially deadly infections.

Just because your loved one suffers from one of these conditions does not mean they being neglected, but if that is your concern, you need to take proper steps.
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Ohio Nursing Home Lawyer Explains Medical Conditions That Could Indicate Neglect

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