Sunday, May 22, 2016

The "Campbell~Falk" Bill

NASGA Director Marcia Southwick proudly displays our "Campbell~Falk Bill" after it was signed into Tennessee law by Governor Haslam.

Because of this law, musical icon Glen Campbell is able to see his oldest children, Travis and Trudy once again. Because of this law, untold numbers of guardianship wards in Tennessee who have been denied the presence and the comfort of their family and friends by their court-appointed guardians will no longer have to suffer in isolation!

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Mary said...

Amazing work NASGA!

Betty said...

Glen Campbell probably doesn't know it, but maybe the most important days in his life are when Catherine Falk and Travis Campbell became friends and when Catherine Falk and NASGA teamed up to work on isolation. Bless you all.

Timothy said...

Falk/NASGA can't be beat!