Friday, June 10, 2016

Campbell Falk Bill Tested

Glen Campbell and daughter Debby
Campbell Falk Bill Tested and the Bill WON big time as Debby Campbell-Cloyd was ultimately allowed access for a visit with her father after being denied at the door. The Daily Banner spoke to Trudy Andes Campbell who is the wife of Travis Campbell and she recounted the scenario as it unfolded yesterday.

Debby Campbell-Cloyd made her way to the Memory Care Facility where her father, the iconic Glen Campbell is housed.  Debby is currently a flight attendant and always wants to visit with her Dad when she is on a layover in Nashville.  For two years, Campbell’s oldest children had to fight for visitation via a court order and then after mediation, a settlement was reached granting only limited and restricted access to their father.  The Campbell Falk Bill was supposed to change all that and change all that it did. The Campbell Falk bill tested yesterday and passed the test with flying colors.

When Debby was denied access to her father yesterday, she sent a text message to Senator Rusty Crowe and she called her brother Travis.  His wife Trudy Andes Campbell jumped into action.  She called the police in Nashville.  In the interim Senator Rusty Crowe who helped with the situation yesterday and was also quite instrumental is pushing the bill through to law went to work lending his assistance.  The Bill we are speaking about is the Tennessee Campbell Falk Bill which was signed into law on May 16, 2016 by Governor Bill Haslam. The Campbell Falk Bill tested in a big way and the bill did its job.

The Memory Care Facility was faxed or emailed a copy of the Bill and even though Glen Campbell’s wife Kim told them that,
“She could not see her Dad cause she didn’t schedule a visit with her.”
Ultimately, Debby was granted access to her father and they had a wonderful tear-filled cheerful visit.    The Campbell Falk Bill was tested and the Bill WON.

To read the Campbell Falk Bill, visit the website of Catherine Falk, one of the great crusaders of this cause to get BILLS of this kind passed in every state in America which will protect our elderly against elder abuse and abuse of power by conservators.

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Campbell Falk Bill Tested


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