Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Editorial: There is no such thing as neutrality with assisted suicide

The assisted suicide lobby is once again pressuring medical association's to become neutral on assisted suicide.

Last Monday, the American Medical Association (AMA) reacted to pressure from the Oregon Medical Association, to change the AMA stance on assisted suicide to neutral (Resolution 015) by establishing a Study on aid in dying.

Tomorrow, the British Medical Association (BMA) will vote on two motions.

The first motion (79 on the agenda): affirms that: ‘it is not appropriate at this time to debate whether or not to change existing BMA policy’.

If the first motion is not passed they will debate a second motion (80) which states: ‘that this meeting believes that the BMA should adopt a neutral stance on assisted dying’.

Physicians need to recognize that neutrality on euthanasia or assisted suicide does not exist. Either you support physicians lethally injecting patients (euthanasia) or writing prescriptions for lethal drugs (assisted suicide) or you don't.

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There is No Such Thing as Neutrality With Assisted Suicide


Barbara said...

I am so torn on this subject. I believe assisted suicide is a good thing when a person has a fatal disease and is in terrible pain. Yet, I also know assisted suicide will be used to get rid of the elderly when their benefits and estate run out. And assisted suicide is not monitored properly. If they had stricter controls on it, it would be better.

Kathleen said...

We do not have the right to kill people!

Julie said...

My sister, who suffered from Stage 4 pancreatic cancer was shocked that she wasn't allowed to kill herself. She said we do the kind thing by euthanizing our animals. She had a horrifyingly painful and frightening end if life, even with morphine. I support assisted suicide.