Monday, June 20, 2016

Steve Miller: Please Help Jason

LAS VEGAS - Cerebral palsy victim Jason Hanson, 26, is a victim of the Clark County Family Court system and several private for-hire "guardians" who with court approval stole Jason's entire inheritance estimated to be worth over $290,000.

After the death of Jason's father, Family Court Judge Charles Hoskin and his appointed hearing master Jon Norheim appointed attorneys Francis Fine and Elyse Tyrell along with their client private guardian Jared E. Shafer to look after then-17 year old Jason and his inheritance until he turned 21. However, by the time Jason became of legal age to manage his own affairs, every penny of his inheritance with the exception of $5,530.74 was missing, and Judges Hoskin and Norheim never demanded a final accounting per Nevada Revised Statutes.

Today, even after Chief Clark County District Court Judge Charles Barker unceremoniously removed Hoskin and Norheim from hearing any more cases involving guardianship, after the impaneling of a Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Commission, and after District Attorney Steve Wolfson and Sheriff Joe Lombardo established a task force of deputy DA's and police officers to investigate crooked local guardians and their bottom feeding lawyers, Shafer, Fine, and Tyrell continue lurking at the courthouse, trolling for their next victims.

In the meantime, Shafer's cronies April Parks and Patience Bristol remain off the radar even though together they bilked millions of dollars from their elderly and disabled court appointed "wards." (Parks skipped town and declared bankruptcy during LVMPD's and the DA"s investigation. Bristol is in the Nevada State Prison for exploiting Shafer's PFSN, Inc. wards.)

The wheels of justice turn very slowly, and those victims of the above mentioned leeches have yet to be recompensed for their losses.

In the case of Jason Hanson, I have taken the step of setting up a GoFundMe Account in his name so he can live as a normal a life as possible while he awaits justice. ~ Steve Miller

GoFundMe:  Jason Would Appreciate Your Help


Anonymous said...

Ending up with nothing is common in these cases of abuse. It's wrong in every way.

Betty said...

Praying for you Jason.

Mike said...

This young man was royally screwed from the get-go. I think a Go Fund Me is a great idea and I hope the word gets spread around.

Zepharia Andres said...

The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse. See the link below for more info.