Monday, June 27, 2016

Tate's Royalties Paid to Court

By Walter F. Roche Jr.

Royalties totaling more than $13,000 earned by singer songwriter Danny Tate have been sent to a Nashville court under a garnishment order obtained by his one time lawyer.

BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc), sent two checks, one for $13,078.09 and the other for $119.99, last week to the clerk of the Davidson Circuit Court under the terms of a garnishment order issued in favor of Nashville attorney Michael Hoskins.

Hoskins represented Tate in his efforts to get out of a court ordered conservatorship and the attorney is now collecting the the balance of the fees he charged for the effort.

Hoskins has declined to comment on the issue.

Tate said the second smaller check was actually earned by a company he set up for his publishing royalties and should not have been subject to the garnishment order. He said overall his royalties "have dwindled to a fraction of what they used to be."

He said it appears that the payments made to the court cover three quarters of a year beginning in 2015.

Tate has been earning royalties on such songs as "Affair of the Heart," "Born with a Broken Heart" and "Dark Side of Love."

The garnishment order had been put on hold after Tate filed for bankruptcy in federal court in Kentucky. That case, however, was dismissed on Hoskins' motion, thus releasing the automatic hold on the garnishment order.

Hoskins already collected part of this fee when he purchased Tate's former Belle Meade home at a court ordered auction for $120,000. The proceeds were split between Hoskins and another attorney who had worked on Tate's case.

Tate has disputed Hoskins billings, but the courts have upheld Hoskins position.

Tate's former 3 bedroom home at 5909 Old Harding Pike in Nashville is now on sale for $589,900, down from the original $649,000 asking price.


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StandUp said...

Danny Tate was screwed from day one and they're still bleeding him dry.

Anonymous said...

How do we all fight a currupt legal system?

Anonymous said...

I live in TN and I and my family witnessed our parents being abused and tried to fight in court to stop it and only was deferred from getting into court!

Anonymous said...

What they did to Tate was criminal!