Sunday, July 17, 2016

County Governments Target Down Syndrome Adults and All Vulnerable People

The brutal treatment of a Down Syndrome man in a Bethlehem, PA, USA, Community Options Group Home exemplifies what our Family and all Northampton County Families have known for years and decades: County Human Services and their provider agencies severely abuse children, the disabled and the elderly.

Northampton County, PA, USA Executive, John Brown, dares run for PA Auditor General while his Administration reaps millions in unaccounted for federal money that includes the abuse of people with Down Syndrome.

Northampton County resident Ron Shegda echoes the horrors of this horrendous report about a disabled man through Community Options, Inc. and likely funded by Northampton County. “Our Sister with Down Syndrome was bribed away from her happy home “to see a lady with a puppy” 5-1/2 years ago by County employees—the oldest trick in a predator’s book—and I still don’t know where she is. Our Sister has been under 10 different roofs as we trace these events—and we know she has been been made black and blue numerous times, been put on psychotropic drugs, and also hospitalized for tests under Community Options for abdominal injuries. But everything is always covered up.”

It’s not credulous that Community Options reports “all state authorities have been notified.” These authorities do nothing except keep cutting checks to places like Community Options, active in 26 States in the USA.

Shegda continues, “Dr. Stephen Krason and 6 eminent scholars document in their recent book, Child Abuse, Family Rights, and the Child Protective System, how 2 million American Families are “falsely accused” every year by “social workers who lead disordered lives” and work for an “evil” system for the sake of unaccounted for federal Title IV-E and other government money. It’s a cozy racket for making money by dividing Families and abusing the vulnerable, despite any good that is accomplished. “Just compare the photos here of our Sister happy with her Family versus apprehended by government!” Shegda states that he has contacted Community Options and Northampton County Executive John Brown numerous times about violations of their Family’s Civil Rights, but it always falls on deaf ears with no response. “It is a violation of State Law that I don’t know where my Flesh & Blood has been sequestered all these years, nor that we are not allowed to freely see Each Other. When I saw my Sister months and months ago, she hung her head and said she is ‘not allowed to use the telephone’—also a clear violation of State Law.

The original apprehension was based on perjury by a nest of devious caseworkers / supervisors, and there has never been an occasion for defense. “Evil knows how to flow downhill and exploit innocent people,” observes Shegda.

Community Options, Inc. in the Lehigh Valley should have their license immediately revoked, be closed down, and Loved Ones returned to their Families like Esdras in this report above.

So far, at least 4 County Human Services agencies have had their licenses downgraded to the barest functioning level in the last year for severe abuses and irregularities against vulnerable people taken from their Families. Shegda concludes, “When 150 Abused PA Families and Witnesses wrote to the Secretary of Human Services in Harrisburg, Ted Dallas, last fall, his blithe response was to refer us back to the very County bureaucracies that have been abusing us.” Shegda estimates PA has wrongly sequestered 15,000 children and broken their Families with severe traumatization all around—let alone the Disabled and Elderly who have been wrongly maraudered and their Families destroyed.

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County Governments Target Down Syndrome Adults and All Vulnerable People

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