Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Steve Miller: Clark County Family Court Hearing Master Jon Norheim Accused of Abusing Power

On July 1, 2016, Richard Black, a critic of disgraced Clark County Family Court Judge Charles Hoskin and his appointed "Hearing Master" Jon Norheim, received a call from Lt. Tisino of Metro’s Counter Terrorism detail. The officer informed Black that a terrorism complaint had been filed against him by Jon Norheim for purportedly threatening his life.

Both Hoskin and Norheim were unceremoniously removed from hearing new guardianship cases by Clark County Chief Judge David Barker following dozens of negligence and abuse of power complaints. Richard Black has been their most outspoken critic.

According to Lt. Tisino, Black wrote an e-mail on July 1, to Norheim that included the following statements; "You and Judge Hoskin are an embarrassment to the judiciary. Your arrogance, lack of respect for NRS159, and lack of discernment should disqualify both of you from ever being on the bench. Hoskin bragging about you and himself doing a great job managing 8,500 guardianship cases is insulting, especially when Judge Steel informed the public it was really only 3,600 and only 4% were in compliance with state law. You both should be in jail. Termination is warranted at a minimum.

As we celebrate our freedom this weekend I want to remind you of how precious freedom is for everyone, including vulnerable wealthy individuals who expect our government will protect them and their estates according to the law and their estate directives. I can only wish you and Martha get placed in jail or in an involuntary guardianship one day. Only by losing your freedom will you finally realize how criminal guardianships can be to you or a loved one and your obligation to protect other's freedom."

The word "termination" used in the e-mail evidently inspired Norheim's terrorism complaint according to police.

In response to being informed of the terrorism complaint, Black wrote another e-mail to Norheim stating; "Dear Commissioner Norheim: You really went out of your way on this one. I have blind copied many of your victims, their families and the advocates we have amassed (over) the last 3 years on this note. Everyone needs to see just how far you will go to defame and attempt to silence the innocent, especially those you don’t agree with. Others may want to share their concerns about your actions.

The note you received from me on Friday was the first time I ever communicated with you. In fact both times I tried to speak with you in your courtroom you admonished me. The second time you asked the bailiff to escort me out of your courtroom just for asking to speak. You don’t like being challenged do you? I have watched you give unsuspecting family members plenty of opportunity to speak out and beg for your help. By March of 2015 you knew very well what I knew about you. You weren't about to let me speak or allow my wife to save her father.

Metro informed me that you claimed I threatened to harm or terminate you. You are very bright and know how to read. You certainly weren't confused as to the meaning of termination in the sentence I used. However, typical of your creativity from the bench you took the opportunity to completely misrepresent the facts and my intent for your personal benefit.

Termination in that paragraph means to be fired, as in being dismissed from your place of employment. That is the minimum penalty you should receive for what you have done to hundreds of families."

Black continued: "You owe my wife and I an apology.

Instead of reading my email and considering the message, you took the opportunity to leverage your influence to silence me, not unlike hundreds you silenced from your bench with your consistent rulings to separate them from their estates and their families. You and Judge Hoskin do not scare me, I will not be silenced. You damaged my family and many others forever and apparently arrogantly believe you are justified.

I do find it ironic that you could get Metro to contact me in a few hours of me sending you a note. None of your victims ever got Metro to help them that quickly, especially when you granted omnipotent powers to those (private guardians and their attorneys) with criminal intent. It seems like Family Court officials have great sway with Metro. Everything you claim seems to be fact based evidence, and most everything innocent families say is ignored.

Just last week the Public Guardian’s office called Elder Protective Services and Metro and had 9 law enforcement officials go to Aegis of Las Vegas. You should remember Aegis. You defamed them from the bench on March 11, 2015 claiming they routinely drug their clients, physically restrain them in 5 point restraints, and lock them 'in padded cells for up to a year' to acclimate them. There was no truth to the statement, but you have shown many times that seeking and protecting the truth means nothing to you. The Public Guardian's Chief Legal Officer Elizabeth Chambers invited you for a tour to show them the padded cell and restraints. You ignored their plea.

Metro Detective Angie Christensen interrogated Aegis leadership for 5 hours taking all records concerning their treatment of Rosalina King. Detective Christensen then interrogated many of Mrs. King’s friends insinuating Aegis and they had exploited Mrs. King. Interestingly this occurred after Aegis' leadership and Mrs. King’s friends testified at the Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Reform Commission meeting about the Public Guardian isolating Mrs. King for 14 days, and other suspect actions. Are you still driving a witch hunt to discredit Aegis Living of Las Vegas? You obviously have influence. You still have your job.

Mr. Norheim, you needn't worry about me harming you. I will let the evidence, your rulings, and transparency continue to create your discomfort."

Jon Norheim
Black heads the Clark County Guardianship Abuse Victims Coalition.

Steve Miller

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Marie said...

All of the judges involved in the atrocities in Nevada are probably running scared. They should be. Not of threats from victims, but from law enforcement.

Joyce said...

Norheim should hang his head in shame.

Barbara said...

John Norheim is a real piece of work. The Nevada Bar should take him off of the bench completely.

Kevin said...

I think Rick Black's letter to Norheim was unnecessary but it was venting. Norheim should have realized it. Norheim is directly responsible for the destruction of many lives and he's bound to get some backlash from victims.

Leslie said...

It is not just The wealthy who are harmed. Any retiree who owns a house is vulnerable to this. My mother lost her life and Jon Norheim's court. I will not rest until he pays a price for this. I recently learned that Jon Norheim is back on the bench. Did the state of Nevada think we would not notice?