Friday, July 29, 2016

'Sweetheart Swindler' Sentenced for Theft of $59,000, Exploitation of Elderly Adult

A woman who has been called a “sweetheart swindler” was sentenced Monday for withdrawing money from an older man’s bank account.

Phanta Daramy, 57, of Northeast D.C., was sentenced to seven years in prison with all but two years suspended and five years of supervised probation.

According to police statements and court documents, Daramy met John Andrews, 81, inside of a Giant grocery store and eventually married him. Between September and October 2015 she allegedly withdrew $59,000 from his Bank of America account. When Daramy later attempted to withdraw another $50,000, the bank called police.

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Anne K. Albright also ordered Daramy to pay restitution of $65,000 to Andrews and have no further contact with him.

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"Sweetheart Swindler" Sentenced for Theft of $59,000, Exploitation of Elderly Adult


Helen said...

Sweetheart scams are prevalent. I know victims and I am sure almost everyone does too. We must make our criminal laws stronger to protect the elderly.

Dot said...

She should never be able to work around Elders or disable again. In fact, she should do her 7 years in jail! Shame on that bottom feeder.