Saturday, August 6, 2016

Judge Orders Psychiatric Evaluation of Eagles Co-Founder, Randy Meisner

A judge ruled the estate of Eagles co-founder Randy Meisner should pay an $8,000 advance sought by a psychiatrist appointed to examine the musician in response to a longtime friend's concern about the musician's medical care.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William Barry's ruling, issued Tuesday, also states that the examination should be limited to whether Dr. David Trader believes Meisner was mentally sound when he chose his temporary conservators, Arthur Ford and Thomas DeLong. Under the current temporary conservatorship that Barry established on April 1, the judge named Ford, a longtime Meisner friend, as the temporary conservator of the musician himself.

The 70-year-old Meisner's accountant, Thomas DeLong, was appointed temporary conservator of his business affairs.

Meisner sought to be placed under a conservatorship shortly after his 63- year-old wife, Lana, suffered a fatal gunshot wound March 6 when she lifted a rifle that accidentally discharged in the couple's Studio City home.


Sheron said...

Boy, Randy Meisner sure made a bad choice when he asked for the conservatorship. He didn't know, of course, but the system was waiting to take advantage of him.

Melanie said...

I agree. He walked into the lion's den with eyes wide open. But, the sad thing is he has family who loves and wants to care for him but he is estranged from them. So, now he pays the monetary price for that estrangement and I am afraid he'll pay the ultimate price too. Very sad situation.

Finny said...

I hate what is happening to Randy Meisner. It's going to happen to more and more people like him who have wealth and also vulnerability. I bet the predatory guardians and lawyers troll all over Hollywood.