Sunday, September 25, 2016

Jewish Home Family chief named to state task force on elder abuse

Carol Silver Elliott
Carol Silver Elliott, president and CEO of the Jewish Home Family, has been appointed to the New Jersey Task Force on Abuse of Persons Who Are Elderly or Disabled. 

Ms. Silver Elliott, named to the post by Governor Chris Christie, looks forward to continuing to be active in promoting awareness of elder abuse and the importance of providing shelters for victims.

The Jewish Home Family opened New Jersey’s first elder abuse shelter in 2015, under Ms. Silver Elliott’s leadership. SeniorHaven for Elder Abuse Prevention, in addition to offering 90 to 120 days of shelter to victims of elder abuse, has convened professionals from various sectors to educate others on the signs of abuse and best practices to help victims seek shelter.

SeniorHaven is one of 14 shelters nationwide and is part of the SPRiNG Alliance, a network of regional elder abuse shelters with close working relationships.

“Elder abuse is an under-recognized and under-reported problem in our society and it effects millions every year,” Ms. Silver Elliott said. “To be able to help the most vulnerable, to work to assure that every individual has the ability to live a life that is safe and dignified is a vital effort. It is truly wonderful that the state of New Jersey is taking this important leadership step, and I am honored to be a part of it.”

For information on SeniorHaven or elder abuse, or to bring a speaker free of charge to address any audience, email or call (855) 455-0555.

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Jewish Home Family chief named to state task force on elder abuse

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Betty said...

This sounds like an advancement for the elderly. I hope this lady is soon educated about guardianship abuse too.