Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Palm Beach Clerk's Office Honored for Guardianship Fraud Program

Sharon Bock, Clerk of Courts Palm Beach County
Melanie Bell

Palm Beach County's Clerk & Comptroller office uncovered more than $5.1 million in unsubstantiated disbursements, missing assets and fraud in the probate court's guardianship program.

Clerk Sharon Bock implemented a guardianship fraud program and hotline in 2009 to allow anonymous tips on waste and financial fraud in court-appointed guardianships over the elderly, minor children and other wards. She has since audited and investigated more than 900 cases involving allegations of missing money or property, suspicious loans, financial transfers, unauthorized access to bank accounts, conflicts of interests and other violations of federal, state or local laws, according to a statement Tuesday.

That work earned Bock's program international recognition at the 4th World Congress on Adult Guardianship held Sept. 14-17 in Berlin, where it was the only U.S. venture among eight others honored for innovation.

"The exploitation of our most vulnerable citizens is not only an issue in the United States, it is a worldwide crisis," Bock said. "I have made it my mission to team up with leaders on a national and international level to strengthen guardianship laws."

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Palm Beach Clerk's Office Honored for Guardianship Fraud Program


StandUp said...

Congratulations Sharon Bock and staff!

Nancy said...

I appreciate her good work. But I believe not one of the professional guardians who have been profiled in the many articles and exposes in Florida has been indicted or investigated as far as I know. I believe Ms. Brock's concentration has been on families. Any accountability is wonderful, but I hope she turns her sights to the professionals as well as family theft.

Anonymous said...

I reported a guardian for missing assets and still have not heard back from her office. The report was made almost one year ago. Cannot get anyone to respond to my numerous emails.

Anonymous said...

Florida taxpayers are so easy to fool! Pinellas county has the same thing through the IG office and they have reported the same!!! No one has been held accountable and no one has gone to jail! It simply is just a report of clerks finding errors, nothing really wrong here! Do some research find the truth!

Sheila said...

No one is going to jail, Anonymous? That's interesting and very much worth checking out. I am glad assets are being recovered, but surely thieves are being prosecuted?