Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Guardianship Abuse: Kathleen Dunn on the Court-Sanctioned Abuse of Her Mother

My mother was basically housed, fed, drugged and left to deteriorate with no stimulation, no care whatsoever and to die, which she did on August 19, 2015 from dehydration and no nourishment all per the guardian. My mother was forced into hospice.

Right before she died, I found out the guardian signed a DNR on my mother in 2014 without family consent or knowledge. I begged the doctors to give my mother a chance, I explained how she slept for 2 days in 2013 when she had an infectious bacteria. They said she was not alert. But my mother hummed for over an hour when I was singing to her, I was told it did not matter it would change anything..

My mother's death came right before we were to have a hearing to ask for the removal of the guardian.

Almost a year after my mother passed we had a hearing for contempt of court of the guardian for not providing us with pleadings, notices, etc. ordered by the judge on July 24, 2014. Also for accountability, etc.

June 3, 2016 hearing... the judge denied our objection to the guardian being discharged. We did not want her discharged until we received all we were asking for.... receipts for anything provided to my mother, etc.

The guardian did not have to show anything because she did not have receipts because she provided my mother with no care, etc. We were also objecting to the guardian getting paid and her attorney, plus the other attorney she hired at 6,000 right before my mother died to fight her removal.

My mother was almost out of money, yet this guardian took 6,000 to hire another attorney but my mother could not even have a proper bed to sleep in or any of her money spent on her.

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Christine said...

Bless you Kathleen. Your Mom was lucky to have you.