Sunday, October 2, 2016

NBC2 Investigators: Assisted living facility dogged by bed bugs

Concealed among single-family homes in Naples Park, there's a small residence where people who can't take care of themselves live.

Karen Federighi was one of them.

"I would not want anyone to stay at that facility," she said.

Shortly into her stay at the Vanderbilt Beach Assisted Living facility, Federighi awoke in the middle of the night.

"I was awakened by the little bites," she said. "So I turned on the lights. Sure enough, there they are."

"They" were bed bugs.

Federighi got to a doctor where she was treated for the bites. But she said the facility did nothing to get rid of the bugs.

"I never observed once anybody cleaning, or vacuuming, or dusting," she said.

So she called the state and filed a complaint with the Agency for Healthcare Administration, which came to inspect the Vanderbilt.

AHCA's report shows bed bugs are "a constant battle," according to the facility's administrator. That administrator told state inspectors that the parasites popped up eight months ago. She chose to treat them herself instead of hiring a professional exterminator.

AHCA required Vanderbilt to contract with a state-licensed pest control company by April 30.
Additionally, the facility was forced to seal all the air conditioner wall units where pests were getting inside.

Those deadlines passed, and AHCA has not performed a follow-up inspection to confirm whether Vanderbilt complied.

A Vanderbilt employee refused to answer questions.

"It's none of your concern," she said.

As it turned out, state inspectors found more than just bed bugs during their visit. There were missing medical records and staff was not properly trained to manage medications, and even a case where a resident wasn't receiving proper daily care.

"It really becomes kind of an issue of abuse at some point," said Eric Flusche, a senior care advocate. "Without staff who is properly trained, that can become a life-threatening situation. It doesn't sound like (a place) I would want to put someone that I loved into."

Federighi shared the sentiment.

"The residents at Vanderbilt deserve better," she said.

To find out about health care facilities in Florida, go to the Agency for Healthcare Administration's website.

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NBC2 Investigators: Assisted living facility dogged by bed bugs


Sheron said...

When I read stories like this, I think of the people in nursing homes who are unable to move. Can you imagine the torture?

Finny said...

It makes me sick. And to think basically nothing was done makes me sicker.