Saturday, October 1, 2016

This Amazing Program Pairs Horses With Seniors Who Suffer From Alzheimer’s

The horse is a powerful being. If you don’t believe this now, you will by the end of this video.

Hearts & Horses is a non-profit therapeutic riding facility nestled in the foothills of Northern Colorado. Since 1997, the facility has been changing lives for people with disabilities. In the touching video below, you’ll get a glimpse into one of the amazing programs at Hearts and Horses called “Riding In The Moment,” which serves seniors with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Riding In The Moment helps facilitate adults and seniors facing the challenges of aging, memory loss, and age or injury-related cognitive impairments in finding joy in equine-related activities. For some, the horses provide seniors with a chance to re-experience past memories. For others, it’s a brand new adventure. You’ll meet Ray, a former cowboy and rancher with impaired vision. The moment he touches the magnificent horse with whom he’s paired, his old riding memories come flooding back. “Hi ho, Silver!” he exclaims, se if he’s never missed a beat. You’ll also meet Marti, who suffered from Alzheimer’s and had difficulty communicating her feelings to loved ones. The second she met her horse, Sugar, she burst into joyful song. “That was her way of communicating to us that she was happy,” the instructor says proudly. Marti passed away since this video was shot, but her memory lives on in the incredible moments she shared with Sugar.

In 2011, this wonderful program started a partnership with Brookdale Senior Living. Now, the team is expanding its class offerings to those coping with Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

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This Amazing Program Pairs Horses With Seniors Who Suffer From Alzheimer’s


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Wonderful program!

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This made me smile today. Thank you.