Monday, November 21, 2016

65 Minutes - a Tale of Torture and Murder in Guardianship, by Teresa Lyles

This is a true story of the horrors in Guardianship Court where Teresa Lyles, PhD lost her mother to an abusive system and several abusive "guardians" who allowed her precious Cuban mother to be drugged, isolated, tortured, forced to live in a locked down facility, where she eventually died, after being forced into a guardianship she did not want and did not authorize.

She wanted to live in her own home or with her Protective Daughter, Teresa.

Ms. Lyles discusses her early family life, how much she was loved, and how much she wanted to love her mother and care for her in her own home. But that was not to be, for her mother was put through the horrors of an abusive Guardian and Guardianship court and a maze of uncaring Judges and Lawyers who simply were in it for the money billing at hundreds of dollars per hour.

The Guardians also just wanted the money and all complaints of abuse, chemical restraints, and where Mother wanted to live, were always ignored. Available thruough Lulu publications See Also: NASGA: Carmen Tozzo Lyles - Florida Victim See Teresa Lyles' Video Tribute to Her Mother


StandUp said...

Good for you, Teresa! Your Mother's story will always be memorialized in your book which is now her voice (besides you)!

Carolyn Anderson said...

Another book? This is great news. I will order it!

B Inberg said...

Society must wake up and open their eyes to the pattern of operation it's the same procedure nationwide. Rarely is a family or an advocate able to rescue their loved one while that person is still alive and when that rare occasion takes place you can be certain the protected person's estate has been drained by the billing.

The average person has no idea of the reality of the out of control billing frenzy most often with auto-approval by the courts.

This is all by design. I believe this racket is our biggest and most serious threat to we the people, the American citizens and their families.

Anonymous said...

It is a corrupt system controlled by the courts. We need a federal investigation. Your book will educate others.

Teresa said...

My apologies for not posting sooner. I want to THANK NASGA and their members for their support, compassion and kind words. This book was not easy to write by any means, because of the obvious, and also because of the knowledge gained AFTER my mom passed. What they did, how they did it.