Monday, December 19, 2016

New Mexico Guardianship Association committed to improving the system in New Mexico

Since the New Mexico Guardianship Association’s creation, we have been committed to improving guardianship in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Guardianship Association is dedicated to its mission to ensure the highest standards of ethics and practice to serve and protect the best interest of those to whom they provide service. In furtherance of its mission, NMGA has initiated programs to assist family and professional guardians, including the annual guardianship symposium, family guardian round table, sponsoring the guardianship lunch discussion group, writing and updating the Alternatives to Guardianship & Conservatorship, and Handbook for Guardians and Conservators, producing the guardianship and conservatorship training video that is employed widely by the district courts, supporting certification for professional guardians and conservators, and involvement in the guardianship task force. Also in furtherance of our mission, we advocate and contribute to the development of effective regulation and legislation for the benefit of those receiving services.

Our association’s long history of involvement and commitment to the improvement of guardianship in New Mexico makes clear that our support for certain proposals is not in reaction to your stories, which we believe to be slanted, biased and inaccurate. We always work on ideas to improve the guardianship and have a constant dialogue about ways to improve. With this in mind, we have been working on some provisions for years, not because of your inaccurate stories, but because it ensures good practices going forward.

We have, for example, supported licensure and certification for professional guardians and conservators. However, licensure would require a significant investment by the state in a new commission and layers of bureaucracy that New Mexico cannot afford.

The National Guardianship Association has a certification process that 11 states already use and which would not require any outlay of state funds. While many professional guardians are certified, we support having all professional guardians be certified to ensure ethical and practice standards are being met.

NMGA without question supports accountability and monitoring of guardians and conservators.

NMGA advocated for the funding of a pilot project designed to lay the groundwork for a monitoring program in the Second Judicial District Court. This project was struck by a line-item veto due to its cost.

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New Mexico Guardianship Association committed to improving the system in New Mexico

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Nancy said...

Really? You've been working on it for years? Either you haven't, or you've not been effective.

StandUp said...

The NM Guardianship Association embarrassed themselves here. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Very insincere

Darlene said...

This article reeks with bitterness and denial. Any good points she might have made are overshadowed by her attacks on the article. Everybody knows guardianship abuse is real. There's no more denying it. She should have stepped up in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

If victims' stories are so "slanted" then how do you explain the sheer amount of blatant theft by two of New Mexico's guardianship companies? You know damned well, that it's going on in most if not ALL New Mexico Guardianship companies. I am not a victim, but something truly STINKS about this attitude. When families are robbed blind by unscrupulous guardians and conservators overcharging or charging lawyer's fees for grocery shopping,etc.or conferring by email with cronies about the "protected person," guess what-- YOU are the one who is "slanted." This system is so rife with conflict of interest, cheating and stealing, it isn't worth defending yourself. This statement is appalling.