Sunday, January 1, 2017

30 Things You'll Regret When You're Older

We’d all like to live life with no regrets, and some have truly mastered that mantra. But for most, certain people and experiences slip through our fingers from time to time, and we’re left wondering “what if?” If you often find yourself in situations where you’re wondering if you should go for it or hold back, these 30 things you’re likely to regret might help you decide.

1. Being afraid of change
Change can be scary, but don’t let that stop you. Moving, traveling, ending a bad relationship, taking a new job… Putting your fear aside to take these big steps in life can lead you to greater opportunities.

2. Not learning another language

There are so many different cultures, countries, customs and languages to explore. Learning another language won’t just be fun, it will expand your knowledge and give your resume a boost!

3. Staying in a bad relationship

Spending months or years in a bad relationship is a complete waste of time. Once you get out, you’ll only wish you had made the break sooner.

4. Not using sunscreen
While you might be purposefully forgoing sunscreen in hopes of getting a golden tan, you could be seriously damaging your skin. Wrinkles, moles and skin cancer can be avoided if you protect yourself.

5. Not traveling when you had the chance

You might think, “I’ll travel in a few years when I have the time/money,” but the truth is, the older you become, the harder it is to drop everything and travel. There’s no time like the present.

6. Not exercising

You don’t need to be a gym buff to make physical fitness a priority. Regular exercise has been shown to improve overall health in numerous ways, keeping the body healthy and strong. If a gym isn’t your scene, go for a hike, take a jog, ride your bike or take yoga classes.

7. Letting society define you
Don’t let your gender, race, age, socioeconomic status, religion or anything else hold you back from following your dreams. Find your passion and be strong enough to live it, despite the opinions of others.

8. Not listening to your parents’ advice

As much as we hate when they’re right, parents do come up with good advice. Learn to really listen and appreciate their suggestions and concerns.

9. Being afraid to say “I love you”
Saying those three little words can be intimidating, but missing your chance could be devastating. If you truly feel it, let the other person know.

10. Staying at a terrible job
We all have bills to pay, and taking jobs we aren’t exactly enthusiastic about is often necessary to stay afloat. But look for a way to improve your situation instead of simply accepting it.

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30 Things You'll Regret When You're Older

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Nancy said...

Young people don't realize how quickly time passes until they've gotten older and are able to look back and realize.