Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Human Trafficking: Hunting the elderly, children and disabled for profit in America

By Marti Oakley

What is euphemistically called our “judicial system” has become the weapon of choice for estate theft, child trafficking, and the destruction of the family unit. The creation of administrative tribunals no longer alluded to as a system of laws applied equally to everyone, has been twisted into an ugly and dangerous system of corruption, persecution and prosecution of those who refuse to submit to organized and criminal government organizations, agencies and political interests. Money talks in this system, even if it is stolen from the estate of a targeted elder victim, received as a result of child trafficking through CPS, or, from the disabled who might have a trust account or who could be used as an Medicare/Medicaid ATM..

Across the country families are fighting one of the most insidious and corrupt systems ever devised; a system of human trafficking under the guise of protection and care. If you have ever wondered who really is destroying the family unit in this country, you need look no further than the agencies and tribunals that work daily to kidnap and isolate the elderly with the intent of stealing their assets under the guise of guardianship. And when it comes to our children, Child Protective Services is predicated upon wrenching as many children as possible away from their families with or without cause.
Children are worth an absolute fortune in the CPS system. The disabled are equally vulnerable to this system.

We have been battling this legalized racketeering for several years. The entire system was set up intentionally to allow for the wholesale theft of estates under the protection of a probate tribunal. These are NOT courts of law. If in fact a person does need a guardian, being deemed a “ward of the state” should not mean being stripped of all your rights and liberties. If a person is actually so vulnerable that they need a protector, would their rights not also need to be reinforced and protected to secure their safety and equal protection under the law?

Causing the civil death via probate, of a living human being needs to be called what it is. Modern day slavery……and the new slave owner now possesses everything the new age slave acquired over a lifetime. Taking their possessions is bad enough, but when you deprive them of their life, their families, their religion and most especially their freedom, you have created a new class of slaves.

This is human trafficking for profit. We just haven’t gotten to the point where we openly auction them off to the highest bidder, although in some instances we have found one state “loaning” another state wards to ensure they fill their targeted quotas for the quarter.

It is not safe in America for the elderly, children or the disabled

The greatest transfer of wealth in the U.S., is the transfer of the wealth of a targeted elderly victim who committed the new age crime of aging with assets, and securing those assets in the name of and the accounts of, a predatory guardian who enjoys the protection of these kangaroo tribunals. It is estimated that 3-5 billion is stolen annually from families through this system.

It is disingenuous to say that judges, lawyers or politicians don’t know about the trafficking of human beings through this arbitrary system of tribunals called , “family court, divorce court, probate court or any of the other unconstitutional constructs used to prey on the public at large.. They all know, whether they feign ignorance of these issues or not.

Bouncing advocates, activists, and families back and forth between the judiciary and the legislative branches, each claiming they cannot intervene due to separation of powers, neither will tell you that the door you need to be knocking on is, the governors (or president’s). Administrative tribunals are executive cabinet and agency appointments and creations and are under the direct control of the executive branch whether state or federal. All tribunals are associated with these executive offices, and ultimately responsible to the executive.

All administrative tribunals that deal with individuals or families, operate under a state operated umbrella agency such as social service, for example. These are cabinet agencies under the direct control of the governor. That state agency has contracted with a similar federal agency and receives funding from that federal agency as part of the agreement to implement the business plan laid out in the memorandum of understanding and the formal contract that follows that was struck between the state agency and the federal agency.. In the case of specially created statutes and regulations, state agencies are paid to to capture as many families and individuals as possible during a specified quarter.

There are exceptions to the umbrella agency construct, such as Illinois which has somehow secured the probate system under the supervision of the district courts. Not that this arbitrary attachment provides any benefit to those caught in the web of human trafficking regularly taking place in Illinois; it does not.   (Click to Continue)

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Human Trafficking: Hunting the elderly, children and disabled for profit in America


Randy said...

Marti Oakley tells it like it is. Thanks Marti!

Barbara said...

Human trafficking is a good description of what is happening. It's all about making money off the backs of the helpless.

Mark said...

If there's money to made, the greedy will do it at any price.

StandUp said...

Thank you Marti Oakley for never giving up!