Monday, January 30, 2017

Tonight on T.S. Radio: The Return of Danny Tate

Danny Tate’s autobiography of his life under conservatorship is available through Amazon. An autobiography focusing on the years the author has been subjected to conservatorship abuse. The reader will be shocked that this is happening in America today. Without a crime, Danny Tate was forced to live on the lam as a fugitive.

(the following written by) by Brantley Hargrove:
"Danny Tate wasn’t in court in early December to plead for the return of his constitutional rights. He couldn’t be — not unless he wanted to be handcuffed and thrown into a lockdown psychiatric ward at Vanderbilt University Medical Center a third time, or shipped to some out-of-state in-patient rehab. 

So instead of appearing in court as his fate was hashed out by opposing attorneys — both of whom, in a bizarre legal quirk, were clocking hours on his dime — Tate was at the Adventure Science Center with his little girl. It had been a little more than two years since Tate’s brother had petitioned the court for a conservatorship over him. 

This legal arrangement — in which the court declares someone incapacitated and a ward of the court after being presented with “clear and convincing evidence” — is akin to civil death. 

The ward loses control of his finances, his property, even his ability to enter into legally binding contracts. The conservatorship allowed David to seize control of every aspect of his brother’s life, from the royalty money he earns from album cuts, to the equipment at the studio where he composes talk show jingles, down to his cell phone, his car and his email account. Legally, Tate became a ghost."
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