Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Documentary "Edith+Edddie" Premiers at True/False Filmfest in Missouri

Two lovers against the world. A relationship trying to beat the odds.

This is among the most prominent storylines in our common book of narratives. Laura Checkoway finds a new way to tell it, at the intersection of ageism and ageless love, in her short film “Edith + Eddie,” which will have its premiere at next week’s True/False Film Fest.

Checkoway traveled to Virginia to make one film and emerged with something else — what no doubt will be among the most charming and infuriating 30 minutes True/False audiences will witness.
The title figures were newlyweds when Checkoway met them. Edith, who is black, and Eddie, who is white, dated for a decade before tying the knot at 96 and 95, respectively.

“It started really as a sweet love story, and just a testament to finding love in that season of your life,” Checkoway said. “They’d both been so awakened by each other. It seemed to give them a new reason to want to get up in the morning.”

It quickly became evident that another drama was bubbling up below the surface. Edith’s daughters were at loggerheads about how to care for their mother, and a legal guardian — who had never met Edith — was appointed to intervene.

As events unfolded, Checkoway was confused by what she saw. She initially thought this power struggle was an isolated incident but, after doing her homework, learned Edith and Eddie's story is an all-too-common one.

The film became a meditation on how we treat our elders and a painful glance at the guardianship system, which Checkoway called broken and predatory. Checkoway’s affection for her subjects, and the disorientation she feels with the viewer at seeing their potential fate, is clear throughout.

“Laura cares about the people she’s filming,” said documentary veteran Steve James, who executive produced “Edith + Eddie” as well as Checkoway’s first film, “Lucky.”

Checkoway’s background is in print journalism, most notably profiles and features for Rolling Stone, The Village Voice and Vibe. Her transition into documentary was relatively natural, she said. The demands of a new medium felt like more of an adjustment than moving beyond the world of celebrity.

“I became a documentary filmmaker, maybe without consciously realizing it, but because I wanted to tell the stories of everyday people,” Checkoway said.

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All in Good Time:  True/False Doc Explores Purity, Complication of Ageless Love

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Note:  Edith+Eddie premiers at the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO Feb. 27 thru March 5th.  See the Edith+Eddie Facebook Page for exact time and locations.


Finny said...

This documentary sounds wonderful and I can't wait for it to come to my area.

Monica said...

This is very exciting!

B Inberg said...

True love at any age is good news. Applause to Laura Checkoway for her hard work and efforts to dig for the truth, what's waiting for millions of people who are clueless thinking that our worst enemies are terrorists from foreign countries when in fact a system in place is laying in wait for YOU, for ME for millions of clueless people who will be blindsided. Guardianship and conservatorship is a life sentence from the very minute that a petition is filed with the court - life changing.

The protect person is a 'defendant' in the court process unlike the American way: innocent until proven guilty. Reality is: the respondent in a guardianship proceeding is guilty trying to prove they are innocent.

I say good luck with that process very few if any respondent's get their due process a fair hearing when the court appoints their pals to evaluate, the Guardian Ad Litem's most often are pals of the court with self serving motives knowing if they go along with the plan to guardianize the Respondent, GAL's, court appointed physicians, court appointed parade of people BILLING all will have a job - go against the pro guardianship gang the consequences are a deterrent to be ethical and truthful.

Denny said...

I remember this case being in the media last year or so. It amazed me that everything this couple had together was taken from them. It's so wrong and is an example of elder abuse at its worse.

Carolyn Anderson said...

Wow! A documentary with guardianship abuse is just what we need to help get the word out. I hope this film is out all over the country soon. Congratulations Ms. Checkoway on your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and continues prayers for your success.