Thursday, February 23, 2017

Embattled judge faces accusations regarding public conduct

WSMV Channel 4

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Nashville has received a lot of praise for its drug court that offers substance abuse treatment as an alternative to jail.

For 14 years, General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland has overseen the court and its programs to keep people clean and sober.

The Channel 4 I-Team has received information that there may be multiple instances where Moreland has had too much to drink.

He’s been reported to Metro’s CrimeStopper program for getting into a vehicle when he appeared to be drunk.

Questions have been raised about whether on one occasion, his alleged drinking may have led to his own injury.

The testimonials from those who appear in drug court are both heart-wrenching and inspiring, written by people whose lives have turned around when offered treatment over punishment.

Moreland has been in charge of the court for all of its 14 years.

Most recently he’s drawn attention for a complaint made to the state board that investigates allegations against judges. The complaint accuses him of inappropriate conduct, granting favors and dismissing charges for women he’s traveled and socialized with.

But there are other accusations that he is engaging in the very type of conduct he sees in addicted defendants.

In July, a 911 call from a Nashville restaurant reported a man had fallen down the stairs and was bleeding from his head.

Witnesses told the Channel 4 I-Team that Moreland took a serious fall at a local bar and restaurant last July.

His companion that day was Natalie Amos, the woman who now says her tickets and fines disappeared by special arrangement from Moreland.

The 911 caller did not know how the man had fallen down the stairs.

“We don’t really know,” the caller said. “Nobody was with him. We found him at the bottom of the stairs.”

No one saw Moreland fall that evening. His injuries were severe.

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Embattled judge faces accusations regarding public conduct

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