Thursday, February 9, 2017

Steve Miller: Senator Schumer Asked To Reconsider His Appointment To Senate Special Committee On Aging

LAS VEGAS - Nevada families of elderly persons who were exploited by unscrupulous court appointed private guardians are sending emails to United States Senator Charles Schumer asking him to reconsider his appointment of newly elected Nevada U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez-Masto to the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

Most of the emails contain complaints stating that Sen. Cortez-Masto, as Nevada Attorney General ignored numerous requests from wards of Nevada Family Courts or their family members asking the A.G. for assistance in ending exploitative guardianships.

"Based on Senator Cortez-Masto’s long history of not protecting seniors while acting as former Nevada Attorney General, I thought I should provide you with information pertaining to Senator Cortez-Masto’s previous record with respect to protecting the rights of senior citizens who reside in her state," declared the family of an exploited senior citizen.

Another email states; "Senator Cortez-Masto is not an appropriate person to serve on this committee due to her track record of protecting the people who are now under investigation for exploiting senior citizens and disabled persons who were under court appointed guardianships. The victim families who suffered this experience believe that Senator Cortez-Masto allowed abuse of the judicial process to run out of control on her watch."

Family members of persons under Nevada court appointed guardianship have long complained that guardian abuse causes billions of dollars in government waste because court appointed exploiters take the elderly’s life savings and then reduce their "wards" to receiving government aid during their final years when many persons under guardianship have adequate savings or assets to cover their housing and medical costs.

"The removed funds went into the pockets of guardians, their attorneys and other enablers who profited at the expense of an entire nation," stated Charles Pascal whose mother in law Marcy Dudeck allegedly lost $1.4 million dollars while she was under the guardianship of Nevada court appointed private guardian Jared E. Shafer.

Many families say they wrote to A.G. Cortez-Masto's office in Carson City seeking help to save their loved ones from financial, mental, emotional, and physical abuse suffered under the guardianship of Shafer, April Parks, Patience Bristol, and other professional and public guardians in Nevada.

Shafer and Parks are currently under investigation by state and federal law enforcement agencies. Bristol was recently released from the Nevada State Prison after being convicted of elder exploitation while she was employed by Shafer.

One letter to then-Nevada A.G. Cortez-Masto pleaded for help to free 90 year old World War Two hero Guadalupe Olvera from an abusive, financially exploitative, and unnecessary Shafer guardianship. The letter was answered by Cortez-Masto's office with a generic form letter referring Olvera's daughter to agencies she'd already reached out to without success.

Mr. Olvera's plea became the basis of a political TV ad aired throughout Nevada in opposition to Cortez-Masto's candidacy for U.S. Senate. It was later discovered that Jared Shafer was a close friend of Cortez-Masto's late father Manny Cortez who as a County Commissioner in 1976 appointed Shafer to his first job as the Clark County Public Guardian.

At the end of one email to Sen. Schumer, the author stated; "If Senator Cortez-Masto did not protect seniors while serving as Nevada’s Attorney General, she will not be able to serve as a productive member of the Special Committee On Aging. I respectfully request that Senator Cortez-Masto be removed from this committee."

The writer then refers Sen. Schumer to the following list of documents:

If you wish to comment on the appointment of Sen. Cortez-Masto to the Committee on Aging, Sen. Schumer's email address is:

~Steve Miller

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