Sunday, March 12, 2017

Attorneys fight to save life of CA man

Joe Williams collapsed in a hospital emergency room nearly eighteen months ago and suffered a major disability as a result.

He has responded to therapy that needs to continue, but a caregiver has sought to have him taken off life support.

He went without food for two weeks before Life Legal Defense Foundation intervened. Foundation director Alexandra Snyder tells OneNewsNow that the organization is fighting attorneys representing the other side.

"One of whom is Jon Eisenberg," she says, "who was the attorney for Michael Schiavo and who ultimately succeeded in getting Terri Schiavo killed, death by dehydration.”

Schiavo suffered brain damage during a heart attack and she died in 2005 after her husband persuaded courts to order life support removed.

Joining Eisenberg in the Williams' caregiver's case is an attorney from Compassion and Choices, an organization that promotes doctor-assisted suicide.

“So for the other side, this is no longer about Joe,” says Snyder. "It's no longer about compassion.

This is about an agenda and that agenda says if you're too needy, you're too dependent, you're too burdensome, you're too expensive, then you have to die.”

Life Legal has an agenda too, and that is to obtain court-ordered treatment for Williams to sustain his life and ultimately to return home for continued treatment.

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Attorneys fight to save life of CA man

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StandUp said...

This makes me sick. I know it's happening all the time and these cases normally just don't make the news. But every one that does sickens me.