Friday, March 3, 2017

Court Adopts Guardianship, Probate Forms

The Ohio Supreme Court has adopted new and updated forms for adult guardianship cases and other probate matters. The forms take effect March 1.

Following the Supreme Court’s adoption of new adult guardianship rules (Sup.R. 66.01 through 66.09) in 2015, the Ohio Association of Probate Judges suggested several changes to forms used by probate courts. The Commission on the Rules of Superintendence reviewed the proposal and submitted its recommendations to the Court.

The guardianship-related changes consist of 13 new forms (Standard Probate Forms 27.0 to 27.12), which include:
  • Notification by probate court to guardians when it receives comments or complaints about the guardian and when it decides whether to hold a hearing about the comments or complaints.
  • Report to be completed by guardian listing a breakdown of fees incurred, including guardianship, legal, and other direct services fees.
  • Guardian’s notification to the probate court that he or she has completed the required training courses.
  • Address change notices and other personal information updates for guardians or wards.
  • Guardian’s application to begin a legal proceeding for a ward under his or her care.
  • Report detailing whether a ward has certain legal papers and their location.
  • Application to close the guardianship of an estate.
  • Annual guardianship plan.
In other probate areas, the amendments adjust forms about adoptions, minors’ estates, and the appointment of appraisers. Access all the new forms.

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Court Adopts Guardianship, Probate Forms


Carolyn Anderson said...

Good start, Ohio.

B Inberg said...

Updated forms with important information is a step forward as the number of petitions increases with the aging population.

I hope valid Powers of Attorney are recognized with heavy weight. We need to watch how the court interprets and proceeds.

StandUp said...

It's a good idea and forms should help pro-se litigants hold their heads above water too.