Saturday, March 11, 2017

Governor mulling candidates for Macomb probate judge

Gov. Rick Snyder should be appointing a Macomb County Probate judge in the coming weeks to fill the vacancy created following the fall election.

Snyder has received a list of finalists culled from a field of about 10 candidates to occupy the seat that was held by Judge Carl Marlinga, who was elected to a six-year term of the Macomb County Circuit Court bench last fall, two years before his probate term ended.

The State Bar of Michigan narrowed the field to a smaller number for the governor’s office to conduct additional interviews.

Among the attorneys who applied to complete final 20 or 21 months in the term are several hopefuls who have previously sought judgeships. Candidates include Assistant Macomb County Prosecutor Jean Cloud, prior probate judge candidate Sandra Harrision, Patricia Patterson, Warren City Council president Cecil St. Pierre, Armand Velardo and Robert Cella, according to Macomb Chief Judge James Biernat Jr. Biernat said there likely are other candidates of whom he was not aware.

Although Marlinga was elected to begin serving in circuit court in the new year, he has remained assigned to probate court until Snyder appoints his replacement. When the new judge takes over, Marlinga will move to circuit court to begin hearing circuit court civil and criminal cases.

Probate Judge Kathryn George, who was assigned to a family docket in the circuit court building in downtown Mount Clemens, has returned to probate court at North Rose and Dunham roads on the outskirts of Mount Clemens, although she is currently on medical leave.

Marlinga will take the courtroom currently occupied by Judge Rachel Rancilio, a family judge who will move to a smaller courtroom previously used by a juvenile court referee. Marlinga will require a larger courtroom because of security issues involving criminal defendants appearing before him.

Rancilio and Judge Michigan Servitto also were elected to six-year terms in November. Servitto presides over criminal and civil cases.

The new probate judge could seek re-election in fall 2018.

A Snyder spokeswoman did not return a call for comment.

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Governor mulling candidates for Macomb probate judge


Betty said...

Judge Kathryn George? Are you kidding?

Raymond said...

I remember reading about Kathryn George a few years ago. She wasn't taken off the bench? I'm surprised.