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Medically Kidnapped Senior Citizen’s Health Deteriorating in Missouri, Wife of 44 Years Forbidden to Help

Helen and Charley via Helen sweet photo
Helen with Charley when she 
was still allowed to visit. Photo 
Source: Taylor family.
It is going on four years since Charley Taylor has been held against his will in a nursing home under the control of a conservator.  This is despite having two doctors say that he is competent.  It has been a month since his wife Helen has been banned from the nursing home, and the couple is heartbroken.  Since that day, Charley’s health has significantly declined, according to his wife Helen.  Helen said that her husband has been “throwing up non-stop” since she was ordered off the premises indefinitely, or risk being arrested.  She said:
He’s as weak as a kitten, I can’t hardly even understand him.  When he talks to me, I’ve got to ask over and over what he said, because he’s so weak.
Charley is bedridden, and reportedly, has been begging for a shower for 14 days.  Helen said that Sunday night Charley finally got one because of an employee who has compassion on him.  She said that he is still having to go up to ten hours without having his Depends changed.  Helen said that Charley told her:
I’m tired of being in prison.
Helen told Health Impact News:
Prisoners at least see their families on Sunday.
On Monday, Helen received more devastating news.  Charley told her that he is being moved permanently to a facility in Jefferson City, which is about 30 miles away.  This is especially troubling because Helen does not have a vehicle.  Since having their property and belongings plundered after Charley was taken, she does not have a vehicle and cannot afford one.  She has been renting an apartment within walking distance from his current nursing home.  Helen longs to be near him, even if she is not allowed to see him.

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Now, the couple can only speak by phone and are subject to arbitrary rules regarding it.  Charley does not have a phone in his room.  He has to use the one that is in the common area, and it is shared by residents and others.

Concerns About Not Enough to Eat

Helen is concerned now more than ever about Charley.  She called the nursing home Sunday night to ask about Charley.  She said that the staff member told her that he ate all of his breakfast and all of his lunch, and talked about “how good he was feeling.”  However, afterwards Helen spoke to Charley to find that he did not eat well that day, and he was not feeling better. She told us:
He is so weak.  He doesn’t want to eat.
She said that one day last week, all he had was applesauce that was taken from him before he could finish it.  Monday, all he had to eat was half of a biscuit and gravy and half of a grilled cheese.
He’s so weak that he can hardly even talk.  His health is going down.  He’s gone down so far.  It’s worse every time I talk to him.
She said that while she was on the phone with him, he had to have something to drink just to talk to her.  She said that as he spoke, he would choke.  She told him:
You’re dehydrated.  You need something to drink.
She said that Charley does not want the drinks that the nursing home gives him because of the laxatives they put in them.
She is concerned about his health:
He thinks it’s his heart.  He was doing this right before he went to have his stint put in.  He was having a heart attack while he was throwing up, but he didn’t feel it.
Since Helen was told that she was banned from the nursing home by his court-appointed guardian Amanda Huffman, she can only look on from a distance to see if she can catch a glimpse of what is going on there.  She said that sometimes she sees Charley when the workers take him outside.  Medical Kidnap reported last month that Helen was given a letter stating that she was no longer allowed to visit her husband because she was interfering with his care. (Click to Continue)

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Medically Kidnapped Senior Citizen’s Health Deteriorating in Missouri, Wife of 44 Years Forbidden to Help


Scott James said...

I am so sorry for this family. How many families are going to be tortured this way before it stops?

Anonymous said...

I will pray for this family. This is so wrong and frightening.

B Inberg said...

One example of unknown number of wrongful guardianships / conservatorships. If a family member did this they would be hauled off by the cops after APS received the report and yes the victim would be guardianized this is the biggest unregulated lucrative industry in the USA.

President Trump needs to look into this national disgrace all driven by the love of money.

Ask yourselves why are homeless people not being guardianized? No $ incentive and the public guardians office is funded by the estates of their wards. This racket is so large and the amount of money that slips through the cracks is off the charts.

And eyes wide open folks: these people are ready, practiced and they have their eyes on ME on YOU the Boomer generation has the largest amount of wealth.